Primers for 50 bmg cartridges aren’t as easy to seat as those for smaller ones. You’ll also need a chamfer tool, but one that isn’t too sharp; sharp edges should be rounded down to avoid snagging. You can get 50 BMG Primers from us online at a fair price.

The 50 BMG (and the California 50DTC), experimental Cal..60 aircraft machineguns from World War II, and the 20mm Oerlikon, as well as the 1 pounder boat guns from World War 1 and the 37mm from World War 2 all employ 50 BMG Primers. 50 BMG Primers make sense for their intended uses, which include ultra-long range (1 mile+) shooting and high-performance, precise benchrest.

It’s becoming expensive to fire a 50-caliber machine gun. That’s why we’ve set out to provide you the most value for your money at Reloads World.

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