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Hodgdon Powders can help you achieve consistency with every trigger pull, whether your interest is hunting, match shooting, or self-defense. Hodgdon, one of the most reputable brands in the ammunition business, has been delivering quality propellants to reloaders in the United States and across the world for decades.

Bruce Hodgdon, a veteran of the Navy who was also an accomplished reloader, was working as a salesperson when he learned that the United States military intended to burn hundreds of barrels of powder that was no longer required after World War II.

Because he wasn’t convinced there would be a commercial market for the excess powder, he took a chance and acquired 50,000 lbs of surplus 4895 powder (using a lien against his life insurance policy). This marked the beginning of B. E. Hodgdon, Incorporated, which would be legally incorporated in 1952. It was stored in a boxcar and delivered mostly using the family car.

In 2003, Hodgdon purchased IMR Powder Corporation, then in 2009, it purchased GOEX Powder. Hodgdon Black Powder is one of the world’s major makers and distributors of gunpowder (smokeless powders, black powder, and black powder alternatives) thanks to the Hodgdon family of product lines.

About Hodgon propellants:

The Hodgdon Powder Company, formerly known as B.E. Hodgdon, Inc., was founded in 1952 and has grown to become a significant distributor of smokeless powder for the ammunition business as well as those who load their own ammunition by hand. The corporate headquarters and production facilities of the corporation are situated in Kansas, United States. In 2003, Hodgdon purchased IMR Powder Company.
Hodgdon has been distributing Winchester branded reloading powders in the United States since March 2006. Hodgdon purchased GOEX Powder, Inc., based in Minden, Louisiana, in January 2009, the sole maker of black powder in the United States. With these product lines together, Hodgdon is one of the world's leading makers and distributors of gunpowder.
In the early days of World War II, Bruce E. Hodgdon's scientist buddy was casually reminiscing about World War I. He highlighted the amount of leftover smokeless powder dumped at sea by the military after the war, and pondered on how valuable it might have been to handloaders laboring during the Great Depression. He predicted that a similar excess powder problem would emerge after WWII.


The forward-thinking and inventive firm was formed as a family business in 1947. The brand is recognized for its first-rate and comprehensive selection for meeting the needs of every shooter. On the one hand, they are differentiated by their extensive selection of propellants.

Hodgdon, on the other hand, is a market leader in black powder and black powder replacements. Hodgdon acquired IMR in 2003, and Winchester in 2006 to fill out their product line. Hodgdon's focused forces represent the wants and requirements of the individual reloader. Hodgdon is your hunting companion for success.

As the war ended, Hodgdon started examining the availability of excess powder, and sales to handloaders began in 1946. One of the first powders he discovered was 4895, which was utilized for loading. Springfield 30-06 service ammo. He paid $2000 for 25 tons of government surplus 4895 and then bought two boxcars to store it in preparation for resale at 75 cents a pound. His family first packed the powder for sales in their cellar.
He started acquiring 80 tons of spherical powder recovered from dismantled in 1947. Cartridges for British military rifles made in the United States. By 1949, he was selling the powder under the brand name BL type C. The C denoted that the powder burnt "cooler" than standard Improved Military Rifle (IMR) powders.
He started acquiring powder recovered from dismantled Oerlikon 20mm cannon cartridges in 1949. This powder, which resembled IMR 4350 in appearance but burned slower, was first advertised as "4350 Data" and then as 4831.