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In the 1930s, DuPont was the company that initiated the launch of the IMR brand. Improved Military Rifle is an abbreviation that stands for IMR. IMR3031 (1934), IMR4064 (1935), and IMR4350 were the first three IMR reloading powders, and they quickly became favorites in the industry (1940). All of them remain popular choices among handloaders in the modern day. When it came to extracting maximum performance from rifle calibers, the only option available was the IMR series of handloading powders. Because of this, the powders made by the IMR brand are deserving of their reputation as Legendary goods.

Even in its earliest days, DuPont placed a strong emphasis on invention, advertising that it could provide “any amount of powder as excellent or better than any obtainable.” Innovation is still the primary emphasis of IMR as of now. The IMR brand was formerly comprised of a range of rifle powders; however, it has since grown to include powders that may be used in handguns, shotshells, and muzzleloaders. The mission of the IMR brand to provide handloaders with new and legendary powders is an ongoing endeavor that will never be completed.

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About IMR propellants:

IMR powder has long been a favorite of seasoned reloaders. The IMR trademark, which stands for Improved Military Rifle powder, was created by DuPont in the 1930s. IMR, along with Hodgdon, Winchester, and GOEX, is now part of the Hodgdon Powder Company family of trademarks. Initially a rifle powder brand, IMR has expanded to include premium handgun, shotshell, and muzzle-loading powder. IMR reloading supplies continue to provide consistent consistency and power to everyone from varmint hunters to competition shooters.
IMR, never one to rest on its laurels, continues to develop new powder compositions that are less susceptible to weather and temperature variations, have faster burn times, and include additives that reduce copper bullet jacket fouling.
IMR is a firm that should be on your radar whether you're new to reloading or an experienced reloader looking for superior powder. Powders for anything from small-caliber ammunition to magnum rifle rounds are available in 1 pound canisters and 8 pound containers.

The acronym "IMR" refers for "Improved Military Rifle," which was derived from the name of DuPont's previous worldwide gunpowder brand, IMR. The IMR Powder Co. lineup also features some noteworthy and vintage pistol, revolver, and shotgun ammunition options. Since 2003, Hodgdon has owned IMR Powder Co. as a separate brand.

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