The selling pitch this time around is “deliver a dependable ignition with a large primer in the most harsh weather conditions for hunting, competitive shooting, or military / law enforcement assistance.” The bigrifle primer may be used to improve firing accuracy in wet situations. We’ve discovered that a Big Rifle Primer is necessary for particular uses, including tactical semi-automatic rifles.

Primers designed for big caliber rifles, such as the 257 Roberts, 7mm, and 308, will fire. Get the lowest deals on Large Rifle Primers anywhere on the web at our store. We do not charge a hazardous fee, and we do not charge extra for shipping big purchases. When you shop here, you know you’re receiving premium reloading primers.

Primer Flash Test Photos by German Salazar

CCI BR4 Small Rifle


CCI BR2 Large Rifle


Federal 205m Small Rifle (1980s Vintage. Current 205m flashes much more.)


Federal 210m Large Rifle


PMC (Russian) Small Rifle Magnum


PMC (Russian) Large Rifle


Remington 7.5 Small Rifle


RWS (German) Large Rifle


Winchester Large Rifle

All photos copyright © 2005 German Salazar.
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