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We made the muzzleloading world a lot brighter in 1975 when we introduced our #11 percussion caps. Why? They were non-mercuric, non-corrosive, and darned reliable. We’ve now expanded the line to four popular products. In addition to the #11, there’s the #11M with more power to light off replica black powders.

For revolvers with smaller nipples, there’s our #10 cap. And for original and replica muskets and rifles that require large, winged caps, we have the Four Wing Musket Caps. When using any percussion caps for reenactment or demonstration shooting without a powder charge or bullet, only use nipples with a large internal diameter.

Standard nipples intended for normal loads can clog when fired repeatedly without a powder charge, potentially causing the cap to fragment. We recommend a minimum internal diameter of 0.050″ for nipples used without powder charges and bullets. Thoroughly clean nipples and the flame path during firing sessions. Always wear approved shooting glasses when firing any muzzleloading firearm.


  • Modern non-corrosive, non-mercuric priming mix
  • Assembled in ribbed copper cups just like the originals
  • Matched to standard nipple dimensions
  • Clean-burning and reliable ignition
  • Packed in traditional 100-count tins


  • #11—standard revolvers and rifles with #11 nipples
  • #10—for some imported revolvers having smaller nipples
  • #11M—for igniting replica black powder and powder pellets
  • Four Wing Musket Caps—Optimized charge for replica muskets

In the event you’re not interested in percussion caps, we also have other reloading supplies such as: reloading primers, smokeless gunpowders, black powders, black powder substitutes and musket caps.

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Most popular makes and sizes in stock:

No. 10s are for general use for black powder percussion pistols, rifles and shotguns using nipple of approx 4.00mm in diameter, fractionally smaller in diameter than No.11 caps resulting in a tighter fit.

No. 11s are for general use for black powder percussion pistols, rifles and shotguns using nipple of approx 4.00mm in diameter.

RWS 1055 No.11 long percussion caps pack. Suitable for black powder percussion rifles and shotguns. Diameter same as no.11 caps but with a longer skirt. Not normally suitable for revolvers.

RWS 1075 No.11 percussion caps pack. General use for black powder percussion pistols, rifles and shotguns using nipple of approx 4.00mm in diameter.

RWS 1081 - 4 wing musket caps pack. Used for military type muskets and pistols including Enfields, Volunteers, etc, using nipples of approx 5.7mm diameter.