Swiss Black Powder has a long history of producing black powder with a focus on quality in its components and craftsmanship, earning them a reputation as “The Best” in black powder. All of the charcoal used to make the black powder is sourced from alder buckthorn, and it is coated in a thick layer of graphite. We provide shooting powder in European quality grades 1–5, as well as Anglo–American quality grades 1–4Fg.

Corns are measured and their weight in kernels is recorded for each category. Using the correct gunpowder is essential for optimal performance. Due to their excellent quality and consistent performance, our powders are in great demand in the sport of competitive target shooting. Several Guinness World Records have been broken with the help of our powders, attesting to their superiority.

Swiss powder is more costly than other varieties of black powder because it is very pure. You won’t believe how much fowling you can kill with a single shot. As compared to other black powders, this quantity is negligible. Not only that, but Swiss is at least 15% more powerful than Goex Black Powder. It’s important to note that Swiss powder is available in 1.5 ffg,1  ffg2 ffg, and 3 ffg as well with other variants. They will all be top-notch shooters. Small-bore firearms may benefit greatly from Swiss Black Powder. Increased speeds and more curved paths characterize this scenario. As flintlock priming goes, Swiss Black Powder is among the best.

Although Swiss is hotter, it shoots well in most rifles and for most shooters. There’s no changing the fact that Swiss is Swiss. don’t fret The color “black” remains “black.” Purchase it and you may fire it without fear. Shooters are just as loyal to Swiss for hunting and competition as they are to Goex Black Powder and other black powders !!!


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