Hodgdon H4831 Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon Powder For Sale

In bench rest contests, Hodgdon rifle powders have won more than all other propellants combined. When used, this tiny extruded powder – Hodgdon H4831 Powder For Sale runs correctly and easily through measurements and gives match-grade precision.Hodgdon’s Extreme series extruded powder H4831 has probably killed more big-game animals than any other powder.

The 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 280 Remington, and 300 Winchester Magnum use this propellant, which Bruce “B.E.” Hodgdon invented in 1950. Extreme Extruded propellants have great homogeneity and are insensitive to heat and cold.. Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers.

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