Winchester StaBall Match Smokeless Gun Powder


Winchester Powder For Sale

Winchester StaBALL Match is a temperature-insensitive, double-base BALL® Powder that remains stable in severe hot or cold temperatures. Winchester StaBall Match Powder For Sale delivers optimal density in cartridges for the burn speed, making it excellent for high-BC heavy caliber bullets such as 223 Remington, 224 Valkyrie, 22-250 Remington, 308 Winchester, 30-06, and many more. Precision metering, like with most BALL powders, leads to constant velocity and pressure with reduced standard deviations, both of which are critical for match grade precision of the Winchester StaBall Match Powder For Sale.

This REACH-compliant, “green” propellant contains copper fouling reduction additives, allowing for longer shooting sessions without cleaning the bore. Depending on the cartridge, the achievable velocity levels are 50-75fps higher than other propellants in its class. As a result, the StaBall series offers Stability, Accuracy, and Speed.

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