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Reenactors who like firing blanks would appreciate SKirmish Black Powder. It’s inexpensive, relatively risk-free, and useful for a wide range of shooting applications, including sport, hunting, and casual target practice. There’s a chance it’s not as reliable as the best black powders, but we’re willing to wager that a professional marksman wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyhow. Using it for cowboy antics or target practice would be a breeze. Re-enactors of the American Civil War often used a blank shooting grade known as Skrimish Black Powder.

There are just two options: Fg or FFFg. The Fg shoots well at 45-70, but requires more elevation than Swiss Black Powder does in order to target the 500-meter rams. Great results have been seen with the FFFg in 38spl, 44mag, and Ruger Old Army revolvers. Yet even with Big Lube bullets, it leaves too much fouling in the 1892 to be practical.

For the purpose of Cowboy Shooting, FFFG Skirmish is a valid Frontier Cartridge. In addition to the 12 gauge side by side shotgun, the 45 Colt Marlin 1894 Cowboy, and the 9mm Ruger Vaquero also benefit greatly from its use. To keep up with the competition, you may also use maximum charges in 45 Colt loads.

Skirmish Black Powder is completely useable for shotgun; the reason it is deemed unclean is due to the fact that the grains are so huge. In fact, it works well with shot shells. A nighttime shot would be fantastic with this. It’s a mash-up of powder and cannon granules of various sizes. Shot shells are a fantastic medium for this effect. SMOKE, FUMES, and SPARKS GALORE! In other words, it’s a hit with the audience. ;D

Skirmishes produce massive sparks that continue to burn long after the guns have stopped firing. That’s why the material doesn’t work very well. You may expect to be entertained by it. You may have a lot of fun with it, but if you need precision or power, you should look at other black powder manufacturers. You like smoke? Buy some cause it goes Boom too!

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