For benchrest competitions where small groups win matches or for long range shooting where slight variations in pressure multiply into complete misses, CCI® Benchrest Primers deliver consistent ignition to hit exactly where you aim.

Whether you’re competing in benchrest competitions or long range shooting, CCI® Benchrest Primers have you covered. The most experienced members of CCI’s workforce work with the company’s benchrest primers, transferring the priming solution into the appropriate cups and anvils.

Every primer has a “B” on it, which allows for easy identification whether you’re at the lab bench or out in the field. Reloaders have the option of using CCI Benchrest Primers, which have the same data as CCI Standard (non-Magnum) primers, to achieve comparable velocities while maintaining a higher level of consistency.

  • For shooting from a benchrest or at long range.
  • Maintain a steady level of ignition
  • An assortment of cups and anvils
  • Generate minimal fluctuations in pressures
  • Apply using the same parameters as for conventional primers.
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