Vihtavuori N530 Smokeless Gun Powder


Vihtavuori Powder For Sale

Nitroglycerol-impregnated N500 rifle powders. N500 series powders have higher loading densities and energy. N530 Vihtavuori high-energy rifle powder burns quickest. Reloading fox hunters may utilize it for level trajectory and enough velocity. Vihtavuori N530 Powder For Sale is a fantastic rifle powder for smaller bottle-necked cases like the.223 Rem and other 5,56 mm solutions and huge straight-walled cases like the.45-70 Springfield. Lighter bullets in medium-capacity casings like.308 Win function nicely. The Vihtavuori N530 Powder For Sale was originally built and approved for 5.56 mm x 45 (Cal.223 Rem.) NATO military use, however it is currently used in.308 Win., 9,3 x 62,.45-70 Government, and.458 Win. Mag.

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