Winchester WSF Smokeless Gun Powder


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Winchester® WSF Super-Field Smokeless Propellant Reloading Powder replicates factory performance in loads ranging from pistol to rifle and shotgun. Winchester Propellents are precisely designed to give the clean burning, temperature, flow rates, and velocities that reloaders need for various purposes. WSF Super-Field® shotshell propellant is a more efficient medium speed shotshell propellant. Super-Field is the propellant of choice for Winchester 20 gauge AA loads and also works well in 38 Super, 9mm, and 40 S&W handgun loads. It is perfect for maximizing velocities in 12 gauge 1-1/8 oz. and 1-1/4 oz. loads. Good propellant for use in action pistols. Manufactured in the United States.

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