Cheddite Shotshell Primer #209


Cheddite Primers For Sale

The Cheddite primer known as Clerinox is responsible for ensuring the consistent igniting of any and all forms of powder, ranging from the most inert to the most advanced. Because of its power, Clerinox enables the employment of modest powder dosages while still producing excellent ballistic outcomes. The explosive combination does not include any chemicals that are based on mercury.

The term “Clerinox” is a trademark that was created from the contraction of the terms “Clerieux,” which is the location in France where the primer paint was first used, and “inox,” which derives from the concept “inoxadable,” which may be translated as “waterproof” or “stainless” (and by extension, non-corroding).

These Cheddite Clerinox CX2000 209 primers ( Cheddite 209 Shotshell Primers For Sale ) are excellent multi-purpose primers. They have been shown to be extremely consistent and to provide ideal results in ballistic testing. The only 209 primer with a top coat of lacquer sealer. These are normal US shotshell primers with a diameter of 0.242.

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