Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon Powder For Sale

Versatile and dependable extruded flake powder. It is designed for 12- or 16-gauge shotshells. Hodgdon 700X Powder For Sale excels in clay target shooting and low field loads. It works well as a pistol target powder for several cartridges, including 45 ACP and 38 Special. IMR Hi-Skor 700X is a good powder for skeet players.

This extruded flake powder is perfect for 12- and 16-gauge shotshells when clay target and light field loads are the norm. Hodgdon 700X Powder For Sale is also a fantastic handgun target powder for cartridges such as the 38 Special, 45 ACP, and many more. 14 oz., 4 lb., and 8 lb. containers are available.

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