Shooters World 50 BMG D100-01 Smokeless Gun Powder


Shooters World Powder For Sale

Shooters World 50 BMG Smokeless Powder is available from Reloads World. Shooters World 50 BMG Powder For Sale is a medium-slow burning, high density, double base ball propellant that is best suited for. Browning cartridge number 50.

Nitrocellulose double base powders include nitroglycerin (8 – 23%) as an energetic component in addition to nitrocellulose double base powders. These powders such as the Shooters World 50 BMG Powder For Sale, like single base powders, include a minor quantity of stabilizers or other additives. Two base powders have a larger energetic value than single base powders and perform better in ballistics.

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