Shooters World Ultimate Pistol D036-07 Smokeless Gun Powder


Shooters World Powder For Sale

Reloads World proudly offers Shooters World Ultimate Pistol Smokeless Powder. Ultimate Pistol works in several handgun calibers with lead or lead-free primers. This propellant ignites perfectly with lead-free primers. Maximum Pistol burns like Auto Comp or CFE. A volumetric charger meters this propellant consistently.

This powder is the “Ultimate Pistol” because to its excellent charging uniformity, burn rate that meets all SAAMI semi-auto pistol velocities, and ignite. This high-density, double-based, flash-suppressed propellant gives auto-loading pistols the best accuracy, velocity, and cleanliness. It works well for low-power pistol, revolver, and rifle cast bullet loads.

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