Shooters World SBR Socom D063-01 Smokeless Gun Powder


Shooters World Powder For Sale

Reloads World proudly offers Shooters World SBR-SOCOM Rifle Smokeless Powder. High-density, double-base ball powder suited for the 458 SOCOM propellant. SBR Ammunitions’ thorough study and development of the 458 SOCOM cartridge found this powder to be ideal for moderate to heavy bullets in the 300–450 gr range.

Shooters World SBR SOCOM Powder For Sale produces high loading densities, optimum velocities, and low SD values in chamber pressure and velocity. This powder enhances the 458 SOCOM’s maximum 35,000 psi low-pressure cartridge for clean and consistent operation. Shooters World SBR SOCOM Powder For Sale internal ballistics performance and low SD provide outstanding bullet accuracy.

Shooters World SBR SOCOM Powder For Sale is a spherical powder that flows well via volumetric powder dumps. This powder is quite constant in weight charges, particularly for precision. SBR-clean SOCOM’s burn and flash suppressor eliminate muzzle flash in the 458 SOCOM. SBR-SOCOM canisters Explosia bulk propellant D063-01. No Lovex canister matches this propellant.

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