Shooters World Match Rifle D073-06 Smokeless Gun Powder


Shooters World Powder For Sale

Shooters World Match Rifle Smokeless Powder is available from Reloads World. Match Rifle is designed to be used with a broad range of rifle calibers. Match Rifle is a canister version of Lovex bulk propellant D073-06 with a burn rate comparable to Accurate 2520, CFE 223, and Reloader-15.

Shooters World Match Rifle Powder For Sale a high density, double base, flash suppressed propellant that’s ideal for service rifle matches and other centerfire rifle sports. It is equally effective as a rifle propellant in.223 REM,.308 Win, 5.56mm, and a variety of hunting calibers. This propellant’s gas production rate is tailored to the needs of AR platforms as well as M-1 and M-1A gas systems.

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