Hodgdon BLC2 Smokeless Gun Powder


Hodgdon Powder For Sale

Hodgdon BL-C2 Smokeless Rifle Powder has won more bench rest contests than all other propellants combined. When Hodgdon BLC2 Powder For Sale is used, this tiny extruded powder runs correctly and easily through measurements and gives match-grade precision.

BL-C(2), a spherical powder, started as a military powder used in the 7.62 NATO and has naturally found usage in the 308 Winchester. Benchrest shooters and other target shooters made it an immediate success when it was originally introduced to the handloader. BL-C(2) performs well in the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 17 Remington, 22 PPC, and many other firearms.,. Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers.

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