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Alliant Powder has a long and illustrious history of making some of the finest and most widely used smokeless powders in the United States. Alliant smokeless powder is supported by a century of expertise in production and the most stringent quality control measures in the business.

As a consequence, this series of products has earned a reputation for reliability and effectiveness both in the lab and in the field. After all, you’re a reloader in part because you like having a consistent experience with each shot. You may do this with the use of Alliant powders. Year after year and shell after shell. Originally founded in 1872 as Laflin & Rand, Alliant Powder evolved into the prestigious Hercules Powder Company, which is a household brand today.

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About Alliant propellants:

For years, hunters and match shooters have trusted Alliant smokeless powder for its consistency, power, and precise measurement. Powder for rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzleloaders is manufactured by the firm. Whatever your reloading requirements are, Alliant has the correct propellant for you.
Making powder that works well in the lab is fantastic, but Alliant understands that the ultimate test of a powder is how it operates in the field and on the firing line. Alliant meticulously analyzes every measure, including chemical composition, powder grain shape and size, and propellant porosity and density, to ensure that every canister of powder operates consistently year after year. With almost a century of expertise in the area, the Alliant brand is steeped in history.

Alliant Powder has a history that dates back more than 125 years. Their products represent many years of expertise in the creation of propellant powders. With tight quality standards in place, the outcome is unrivaled, excellent, and dependable powder quality and performance.

When it comes to reloading ammo, nobody does it better than Alliant Powder and their line of high-quality smokeless gun powder. For almost a century, since its founding in 1916, Alliant Powder has supplied shooters and reloaders with high-quality powder and other items.
Their products are highly recommended for use in rifles of any caliber because to their reliability and accuracy.
Because of its dedication to invention, Alliant Powder is able to produce a broad variety of propellants for use in a variety of firearms. Smokeless powder, primers for pistols and revolvers, musket caps, percussion caps and black powders are also available. Alliant Powder is a frontrunner in the shooting market because of its quality goods, attentive customer service, and team of well-versed technical professionals.
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