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For use in cannons, fireworks, mines, and even in the military, no company in the United States does more than Schuetzen Powder Energetics, Inc. WANO Schwarzpulver GmbH, a partnership between Petro-Explo, Inc. and a German company, has been making black powder for more than 330 years.

Our mission is to not only be the go-to source for high-quality black powder shooting supplies, but also to serve as a resource for our customers and to foster the growth of the black powder shooting industry. Schuetzen black powder is the chosen black powder among the greatest competitors throughout the globe since only the highest grade of components are utilized.

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  • Schuetzen Black Powder is excellent and of a very high standard.
  • In flinters, chuetzen really shines.
  • This powder is fine, and it’s somewhat more pristine than previous batches of Goex Black Powder.
  • Granule size is at least as uniform, if not more so.

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