About Winchester propellants:

In 2006, Hodgdon Powder Company in the USA took over the distribution of Winchester Powder and became the exclusive distributor of the product. All of Winchester's propellant charge powders come in the form of ball powders, which make them particularly simple to work with in powder filling machines. In this particular instance, precision is obtained that continually astounds even the most seasoned of specialists. 
Because of their very high charge density, ball powders provide a significant amount of usable energy. They provide a very clean burn. Winchester is a powder that packs a tremendous punch and is one that you do not want to pass up because of its outstanding performance and good quality.

Hodgdon Powder Company, USA, took over the distribution of Winchester Powder in 2006. Winchester only uses ball powders for its propellant charges because they are the most convenient for use with powder filling machines. Remarkable precision is attained here that consistently astounds industry professionals. 

For their size, ball powders pack a lot of punch in terms of energy output because to their high charge density. They produce almost little pollution when burned. Winchester is a potent powder that you should not overlook because of its superior performance and quality.

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